"I would like to give each of you a giant hug. What you have done for our family is to provide not only housing but optimism, energy and hope. Thank you doesn't begin to cover it. But thank you."       Laura Gano, wife of Max Gano, former AAB recipient


In 2013, after a series of unfortunate events involving muscle weakness and a shattered leg, Eric was diagnosed with a bone cancer, multiple myeloma. Eric and his family (wife Amber and daughters Milo and Kegan) have lived on the island for more than 25 years, running a successful window cleaning business. With Eric unable to do the physical labor required of the job, the family’s financial picture became worrisome, though Amber does work full time as the listing coordinator for brokers at Windermere Real Estate. Eric recently began stem-cell treatment and is hopeful his response will be positive.

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Diabetes and breast cancer have led Marlene to difficult times, wherein she is unable to work due to foot and leg amputations, and continues to accrue major medical expenses. Marlene’s daughter lives in a nearby apartment (with her son, Marlene’s grandson) and provides much of Marlene’s daily care. Making ends meet on a monthly basis is challenging, and impossible when unexpected expenses come up such as car repairs. AAB supports Marlene with some basic monthly expenses such as groceries and prescriptions.


AAB was introduced to Shelley in 2011 when, after nearly two decades in remission, she once again found herself battling cancer.  Shelley's treatment includes ongoing chemotherapy, which is keeping her numbers stable.  While not in need of financial assistance at this time, Shelley will always be part of the AAB family and we are ready to support her should her ongoing cancer treatments make that necessary.



Nellie has been living with cancer since 2002, beginning with breast cancer. This spread to her bones, and then to her brain. Cancer has been financially devastating to Nellie and her partner and full-time caregiver, Kathy. “Without the assistance from Arms Around Bainbridge, my journey would have been extremely stressful. Not only have they helped me through my illness, but have been there with professional advice and financial support when needed,” Nellie said.



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Annie is a 2000 graduate of Bainbridge Island High School and the mother of a young daughter, Nicola. Annie has scoliosis and a degenerative disc disease. She had been working until she required ankle surgery to treat an additional degenerative condition she has been grappling with for two years.

Annie is currently working through the court system to gain disability relief, as her condition makes it nearly impossible for her to work. AAB partner Joni Derifield, a social security disability lawyer, is providing her services at a sharply discounted rate to Annie.