"The incredible gift of Arms Around Bainbridge is literally the arms around us. Those arms enable us to stand and sustain. Those arms embrace us in love and care and acceptance, embracing us fully in all of our need."     Shelley Minor, AAB graduate


While we appreciate referrals from family or friends, it is our policy that we must be contacted directly by the individual seeking assistance, unless the referral comes from a recognized social-services agency, before we will begin the application process. Contact us via email with a short description of your situation and your anticipated needs. We'll follow up to schedule an informal interview to collect more information.


Arms Around Bainbridge is a crisis support system for individuals living on Bainbridge Island who are struggling financially as a result of major illness. Our intention is to be a bridge from crisis to stability; we are not in a position to provide support for long-term chronic situations. Please review our complete recipient criteria (opens PDF in a new window).

Grant Program

As an adjunct to our general mission, AAB will also provide funds to assist a person who suffers from a serious medical condition and is generally able to meet his/her basic daily financial needs, but is confronted with an expense beyond his/her usual budget. Examples of such situations are an extraordinarily high utility bill or a car repair. Please review our grant criteria (opens PDF in a new window).


All of our recipients are struggling financially; few of them need the same level of support. For some we provide rent payments, grocery store gift cards or insurance premiums. For others we provide ferry passes, child care during treatment or a wheel chair battery. We limit our contribution to expenses that are related to basic human needs such as shelter, food and access to health care.

The money we are able to give is directly related to the money we are able to bring in through fundraising and donations. We are limited in how many and how much we can help by the limits in our bank account. Your support at any level is appreciated.


There are a number of reasons that island residents need our support, and the level of need varies from family to family. But in every case, we've found that being the focus of a supportive community is a tremendous emotional lift for our recipients. Feeling cared for beyond our immediate loved ones does wonders for the spirit.  We also build relationships with each recipient and regularly meet for coffee to catch up on their lives. Sometimes a listening ear is the best gift we can give.



Prefer to mail your donation?

Arms Around Bainbridge

PO Box 4538

Rolling Bay, WA 98061-0538



58+ Different kinds of things AAB helps recipients pay for, including rent, groceries, ferry passes and insurance premiums

1  Number of times per year we swim around the island

30  Approximate number of miles around the island, if the swimmers swim straight

25  Average number of swimmers who participate in the swim

14  Hours it takes a team of 25 swimmers, 14 kayakers, 2 skiffs, 1 powerboat and 1 sailboat to complete the relay swim

54  Degrees in Fahrenheit of the water in the Puget Sound in August

90  Percent of donations that directly support our recipients