"All of the people who support and donate to AAB help to create this solid bridge of strength, love and hope which supports those of us who find ourselves weary, feeling small, going through rough times. And our minds are eased. Our burdens are lightened. We can focus on healing. This is enormous."     Karen Langman, AAB graduate


Our primary source of funding is the community of Bainbridge Island. While we recognize that our ability to raise money is limited by our insistence that our services be limited to island residents, serving this local population makes the most sense to us. Many county, state and national agencies provide support – but few do so at the local level. This is why our organization is so critical.

Other funding comes from grants and corporate support.


Billions of dollars in corporate gifts are left on the table every year simply because employees are not aware their donations can be matched by their employer. If you're considering donating to Arms Around Bainbridge, check to see if your employer offers a matching gift program. This can often double your donation.

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Prefer to mail your donation?

Arms Around Bainbridge

PO Box 4538

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January:   Bingo Night

This has become one of our most popular and well-attended events, selling out weeks in advance each year. For the cost of the entry ticket, guests receive a full sit-down meal, stand-up comedy and improv entertainment and – you guessed it – bingo games. Coming as it does in late January, this is a perfect and much-anticipated night out.

August:   Around-the-island relay swim

Arms Around Bainbridge was founded on an annual around-the-island relay swim – and this remains one of our most recognized events. Some years we have included biking, running and walking. This event concludes with a potluck dinner on the banks of Blakely Harbor and generally becomes a rousing thank-you to participants, as well as an opportunity for recipients to meet those who are working on their behalf.

Ongoing:   Various


Arms Around Bainbridge is often chosen to be the recipient of fundraising efforts by other organizations, such as Girls Night Out, Bowling for Boobs or concerts around town. We support, advertise, promote and attend these events with gratitude. If you would like to name AAB as the recipient of your fundraiser, please let us know!